Chicken or the Egg?

Spoke to the surgeon again today and she doesn’t think that the scar tissue was from her fundo surgery in her NICU days. It’s kind of a chicken or the egg scenario, though. Was this a birth defect in that part of the bowel that led to the recurrent intussusceptions? Or was the first intussusception just something that happened as a fluke, but caused damage which led to the recurrent intussusceptions and then the scar tissue? Either way, that section of bowel needed to just come out. We have no guarantees that that was the actual reason for her problems, but it was the most likely. We’ll keep watching her to make sure no symptoms return, but we’re all pretty hopeful. Evie’s pain is still pretty intense so we’re switching to some stronger meds so she can get some rest. Poor thing is just completely on edge with the tiniest things setting her off. Hopefully she’s calm tonight and tomorrow is a better day. If she’s feeling better, we’ll try to start feeds and see how that goes.


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