Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

This is a super Pinterest Mom blog post. #sorrynotsorry

In my Project Reclaim Christmas efforts, I knew I wanted a fun Advent calendar for the girls, but I tell ya what, that’s no easy task with all the extra concerns we have to think through.

Candy? No go. Oldest isn’t much of a fan, youngest doesn’t eat by mouth. Activities? Umm…70% of the ones I found, we couldn’t really do, and another 20% sounded exhausting. Coming up with ones we could do was rough. And hopefully, we don’t just run into a situation of the youngest getting dead set on doing each activity the exact day it’s scheduled for. Because life.

But I did it! I did a thing, everyone! I made the cutest little gingerbread house village Advent calendar ever. EVAH!

Seriously, my husband was a bit concerned at how much I was flipping out over how freaking cute it is.


I’m not artistic. I’m not. But fortunately, I can paint basic shapes.

All set up!

My shelf is so happy and festive!

The girls were so excited for Day One!

So each little bag contains an ornament to color for a name of Jesus (I’ll post links to resources at the bottom!), a verse for each name wrapped around a candy cane, a Christmas hymn to go over, and an activity we can do.

Are we going to get everything done each day? I doubt it, but we’ll do more than we would if I didn’t do this at all. Because it’s December 1st and then suddenly it’s February (January is obviously spent in a post Christmas coma) and I realize we didn’t do any of the things I had wanted to. This way we’ll at least do SOME.

Alright, resources.

Gingerbread House Paper Bags (I didn’t have puff paint so I used craft paint)

Watercolor Wreaths Advent Calendar Numbers

Names of Jesus Ornaments

Names of Jesus Lessons/Activities

Pinterest and Google were my resources for figuring out which hymns to include and which activities would work for our family.

That’s it! It really is a pretty simple project and if your kids help, it’ll go faster. I think my older daughter wants to make some of her own gingerbread bags now, too.


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