A Rough Week in our Community

Please be praying for three CHARGE families that have had to say goodbye to their little ones in the last few days. Kinsley (8 months), Harry (11 months), and Luke (3 years) will be very missed.


Just a Little Cold

That’s a phrase we hear a lot. It’s just a little cold. I’ve talked before about how regular old colds can affect Evie, but I thought I’d show you not just Evie, but also some of her CHARGE friends with just a cold.


Ambulance ride for  rhinovirus, the common cold.

Only one person in our house is sick. The rest of us are fine. I promise.

Another hospital stay for a cold.

You need to let that child live a little!

I washed my hands before coming over. That should be enough.

He’ll have to face it someday!

Some germs are good for her!

You know, exposing him to more will build up his immune system.

MY child was only sick for a couple days so it’s really no big deal.

I’m up to date on my vaccinations and that takes care of all the really dangerous stuff.

God won’t let your child get sick if he’s coming to visit family!

Don’t you think you’re keeping her from experiencing life?

A cold can’t possibly make your child that sick.

You’re just being dramatic.

You can’t put him in a bubble forever, you know.

Linnys pictures 280

Kane with a “little cold”

You’re just being paranoid.

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Kane after that “little cold” collapsed his airway.

No, we’re not.

We’re not being paranoid.

A little cold is so much more for my daughter and for many others out there, not just kids with CHARGE. It can lead to struggles with breathing, to hospital stays, to pneumonias, to antibiotics, to infections, to collapsed airways, to horrible nightmarish things that they may never fully recover from.

PLEASE. Please. please.

Stay home when you’re sick. Wash your hands. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. And then wash your hands again. Use hand sanitizer after you touch your face before you touch anything else. WARN people that you are sick or that someone in your household is sick. Wipe down surfaces that you cough or sneeze on.

Do it yourself. Teach your children.

Please. It’s not always just a little cold for someone else.


*If you’d like to see updates on little Kane since his crisis a year ago, you can go to his family’s blog here.