Well Ty and both girls started perking up Monday which of course meant that I got slammed hard by it on Monday afternoon. I was just the most rundown of the family with hospital stays and staying up almost all night Sunday to get fluids into Evie so SHE could stay out of the hospital. … Continue reading Recovering



Here's two shots of Evie's lungs. The first one is from one of her previous hospitalizations for a virus and you can see it's kind of all over cloudy and gray. The second one is from today and you can see the splotches, specifically on the left side where the mouse arrow is.


Labs came back and it looks like we're dealing with an aspiration pneumonia. Not too surprised since she's been aspirating horribly since the jaw distraction. Minimum of 2 days inpatient while we start IV antibiotics, then hopefully she's well enough for us to switch to oral antibiotics and head home.