Because there's almost nothing in the world that makes me quite as happy as when Evie signs rainbow. Here's a link to see how to sign "rainbow".  Evie learned to sign "colors" first. She also likes to use both hands for a BIG rainbow!     It's such a big rainbow she can't even stay … Continue reading Rainbow



So grateful that Cincinnati was able to squeeze Evie in tomorrow! She'll be getting the Botox injections tomorrow morning at 8:45. And I forgot to share some good news! Evie's stomach looked much better than a year ago. There seemed to be more folds (for expanding with a meal), which means probably a year ago, … Continue reading Botox


We've been letting some of Evie's non airway issues slide over the past year as we pushed forward at Cincinnati Children's so now I've been trying to cram in some of those appointments before our next trip.  Unfortunately (though not surprisingly) we discovered that Evie needs glasses. She is nearsighted and also has astigmatism.  I … Continue reading Glasses