Evie is doing okay this morning, but we had a rough night with pain at first. The doctors went ahead and increased her morphine dose and frequency and she did much better. We’re just keeping the meds coming at this point so her pain doesn’t get out of control.


So they ended up taking out about 3-4 inches of bowel (which is NOTHING in the grand scheme of things) AND her appendix. The appendix coming out was partly bc it can act as a lead point for intussusceptions, but also because the scars she now has on her abdomen will make any doctor think that she’s had her appendix out. Should she ever have had appendicitis down the road and not been able to communicate or have her records with her, any doctor would cross that off the list of possibilities because she’ll LOOK like she doesn’t have an appendix anymore. So now she doesn’t. Not really my first choice, but I understand their reasoning.

I was so relieved that they found something last night that I didn’t really ask many questions, but a nurse practitioner stopped by this morning to check on Evie. It sounds like the most likely culprit for the scar tissue that had adhered her bowel to itself was her Nissen fundoplication surgery from her NICU days. In that surgery (which was also done laparoscopically with small incisions), they went in through her abdomen and then wrapped the top part of her stomach around the esophagus to prevent reflux. She said about 20% of patients who have any kind of abdominal surgery will end up with scar tissue internally. Figures Evie would be one of them. So yes, this surgery puts her at that risk again, but what can ya do?

Hopefully we can start feeds fairly soon since no one wants to risk TPN at this point since she’s had an allergic reaction.  We’re just waiting for her bowels to start moving again.

Please just pray that we can keep her pain under control, that her bowel wakes up soon, that feedings go well, and that we NEVER have these issues again! haha. It’s been such a long long long 7 (8?) months of watching this get worse and worse. I’m so relieved that we found it, though I don’t think I’ll truly relax until we’ve gotten her back on feeds and go home.  Thank you again for all the prayers!


One thought on “Recovery

  1. you have truly had a rough road and you have endured it with grace. Praying that all will be well and you will be back home again, very soon!

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