Fall Apart

Remember this for yourself. Remember this for those you love.  When life hands you crisis after crisis after crisis, there is no time to fall apart, there is no opportunity.  You simply have to keep going and going and going.  And then there’s a calm moment and a new crisis doesn’t immediately descend and you … Continue reading Fall Apart


Marriage Tips for Special Needs Parents

So let’s start with the elephant in the room. Though maybe that’s not the right analogy, because it turns out this elephant is talked about all the time and isn’t actually real.  You can’t go anywhere without someone mentioning this mythical 80% divorce rate of special needs parents. Geez, people, talk about discouraging.  But it’s … Continue reading Marriage Tips for Special Needs Parents

Needing Promotes Understanding

Originally posted on my Facebook page. Follow there for more mini posts. When our daughter was first born, I felt so intensely alone. We didn’t have a definite diagnosis yet and we were thrown into the world of caring for a medically fragile infant. We were fortunate, though. We got a diagnosis. And that was … Continue reading Needing Promotes Understanding

Maintaining Your Physical Health as a Special Needs Mom

I disappeared. I know.  Though I do write on my Facebook page at times if you want to keep up with me there. Let’s jump right back to the series, though. Even though this is a hard topic. We hear all the time about self-care and usually it involves talk on bubble baths or a … Continue reading Maintaining Your Physical Health as a Special Needs Mom