Priority Maximum

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Today I had a rather large ‘Aha!’ moment.

Wanna hear it? It’s pretty profound.


Wow, right?

Yes, yes, I know it seems painfully obvious, but lately it’s felt more like 1+1=4. Or 7. Or 528.

It just seemed like there was no rhyme or reason to life.

Everything felt like chaos and nothing I did seemed to matter.

I’d work towards a goal and then something would come along to completely undo all of my progress.


And over.

And over.

The amount of work I put in didn’t matter. My motivation didn’t matter. It all just felt random and frustrating.

It all just felt like failure.

But then a comment from a friend made me realize that I wasn’t wanting 1+1=2, I was wanting 1+1=2 AND 4.

I was doing 1+1 and expecting THOSE results as well as the results of 2+2.


Example: I am prioritizing my girls’ health. I work very hard to keep them both healthy (and one of them, not naming names, requires a whole lot more work and sacrifice to achieve that!).

Somewhere along the line I expected that that work would lead to them being healthy AND my house would be perfectly clean and organized.

Stupid, I know.

I would try to get the house organized, but then I’d need to attend to my girls’ health (okay, really just one of them, again NOT naming names) and all the house stuff would get shoved to the backburner.

Because it wasn’t my priority. It couldn’t be.

And right now, in this phase of life, I’m at my priority maximum.

My family, my marriage, our health (both physical and mental), at this point, those take all of my time and energy.

And ya know what? The areas where I am pouring that time and energy? Those things are going well.

Really well.

I mean…mostly.

My girls are really healthy (right now, knock on wood, please don’t let that jinx us). They’re thriving.

My husband is amazing and I’m so grateful for him every day. We’ve grown so much together over the last twelve years.

Our own health…well, we’re working on that as we try to heal and recover from it NOT being a priority for so long (since there was a long while where our girls’ health literally was the ONLY priority we had).

Those are our priorities. Everything else will have to wait.

And 1+1? It’s only ever going to equal 2.

Disclaimer: This is not to say that if we do all the right things, we will always get the results we want. It is just me realizing that doing all the right things in ONE area, will NEVER get me the results I want in a DIFFERENT area. That’s just silly.


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