Fall Apart

Remember this for yourself. Remember this for those you love. 

When life hands you crisis after crisis after crisis, there is no time to fall apart, there is no opportunity. 

You simply have to keep going and going and going. 

And then there’s a calm moment and a new crisis doesn’t immediately descend and you find yourself falling apart. 

You survived all the chaos. You kept it together. 

Why now???

But you need to fall apart. You need to grieve and cry and process. It won’t go away on its own.

Survival doesn’t do away with all that happened. 

So when the calm moment comes and you or someone you love falls apart, remember that it is a luxury to have the opportunity to process. 

It is good. 

It is necessary.

Take advantage of it. 

Fall apart. 

You’ll likely find yourself being put back together instead. 


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