Sorry for the lack of updates, but the last few days have just been spent discussing what the next step is. It looks like they'll be doing a laparoscopic exploratory surgery on Monday morning. They'll make a few small incisions in her abdomen and put a camera scope in. Prayer requests: That we would FIND … Continue reading Plan


First Plane Ride

Cincinnati's transport team came to get us yesterday afternoon and Evie had so much fun on her very first plane ride! It was a very smooth trip. Evie struggled a bit with her oxygen levels, but then SHE asked me to put her on her cpap. She did much better with that on and I'm … Continue reading First Plane Ride


Still no answers. The pill cam saw a few specs, but they're likely to be just specs and not actual damage to the intestines. She's stable now, so we'll head home tomorrow to await the next episode. Thanks for the prayers everyone. Evie's never been one to give up answers easily.