So sometimes on this journey, because we are neck deep in the medical world, it is hard for us to gauge how serious an issue is. Things that may be severe for a typical child may just be par for the course for a child like Evie. We deal with trach infections like you'd deal … Continue reading 40%



Scopes all looked normal, so the problem area is most definitely in the middle where we can't reach with scopes.  She's getting a PICC line right now so we can monitor for a few days and brainstorm of how to visualize that large area that we can't see easily.


Well unfortunately the scan yesterday came back normal so we still don't know know where the bleed is happening. We've potentially missed the window again to find the damaged area of her bowel that keeps causing so many problems. Her hemoglobin only dipped a little this morning from last night, so the bleed has probably … Continue reading Scopes

GI Bleed

Prayers appreciated. Evie's had black tar colored stools for a little over a week and they tested positive for blood. We did some bloodwork today and her hemoglobin has dropped significantly. Somewhere in her intestines she is bleeding and we need to figure out where. The GI doctors on call in Des Moines have asked … Continue reading GI Bleed