The Development of Independence

Originally posted on my Facebook page. Follow there for more mini posts. When our daughter was 2 and 3, she was really a breeze. Laid back, sweet tempered, I was so glad we got to skip out on the Terrible 2s and 3s. Umm...yeah, no. We didn’t get to skip them. Turns out her health … Continue reading The Development of Independence


You’re the CEO: Taking Charge of Your Special Needs Parenting Story

I mentioned in my Welcome to Your New Job post, that you are now the CEO of a small business known as: Your Kid. Maybe it’s Your Kid, Inc. or Your Kid Corp. Whatever. You’re the CEO. And I meant it. Yes, you’re also Mom (or maybe you’re Dad. I’m too tired to make this … Continue reading You’re the CEO: Taking Charge of Your Special Needs Parenting Story

Her Story is Not My Story

Okay, so this has been one of the biggest struggles of coming back to write again. Evie’s story is NOT my story. It’s hers. And while, of course, her story has greatly impacted how my story has gone, it’s still not my story. When she was little, when she was struggling so badly, we wanted … Continue reading Her Story is Not My Story

Hospital Life Tips and Tricks

Since July, we’ve been in the hospital something like 4ish months total. Ugh. But I’ve figured out a few things to make life a bit easier when you’re living in the hospital. Hopefully this helps someone else during their longer stays. These aren’t really in any particular order.  Except the first one. That one is … Continue reading Hospital Life Tips and Tricks