Waiting and Waiting

I apologize for not updating. Sometimes…I just really don’t want to talk about it all.

Evie’s bowels are still not waking up. It’s fairly normal for them to take so long in kids with chronic issues, but we have the added complication of Evie’s allergic reaction to TPN. We’ve narrowed it down to the lipids (fat) portion so we’ve had to remove that. This means she’s mostly just getting vitamins and protein. So her body is trying to heal with very few calories. There just aren’t other options, though. I mean, TPN is the ultimate hypoallergenic nutrition. It’s pretty crazy that Evie’s allergic.

So that is probably not helping the healing process one tiny bit.


We’ve been draining her stomach which has been full of bile that is backing up from her non-working intestines, but today it looks pretty clear which is a good sign. No one wants to rush her though (we tried some pedialyte the day after surgery and it did NOT go well), so we’ll just watch her today and maybe try some pedialyte tomorrow if she’s doing well.


Please pray that her bowels wake up enough for us to start feeds and get some nutrition in her again.

Other than the waiting, Evie’s incisions are healing nicely and her pain level is coming down. We’re still doing tylenol round the clock and the occasional morphine, but it’s definitely improving.



One thought on “Waiting and Waiting

  1. Oh Megan we are praying for you and sweet Evie. I have been thinking about you so much over these last several weeks.

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