Tonsils Out

ENT is done. Tonsils are out. Nose is still beautifully open. Ear tubes had some granulation tissue growing around them so they were a bit cockeyed. They cleaned them up and put them back in place. Upper airway looks very open and anesthesiologist said it is easy to see now as compared to before. One of the big dangers with CHARGErs is the difficulty in getting them intubated, so it is a huge relief to hear that her upper airway at least will not cause an issues when she eventually gets the trach out. They want to wait until the tonsils heal up before they do their big scoping of the airway, so we’ll come back in a month or so for that. I was hoping we’d get a plan this time, but it looks like that visit will be when they make decisions about what surgeries and when. Praising God that the jaw distraction did what it was supposed to do for her airway, that it was not just pointless pain and trauma. Plastic surgeon is removing the hardware now. Thank you for the prayers! Here’s a few shots before they took her back.



Silly girl insisted on wearing her shoes down to the OR. love her.


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