Welcome to Your New Job

So…you’re a special needs parent.

Maybe you just found out. Maybe you are finally coming to terms with it. Maybe you are just coming out of a fog of exhaustion and hospital stays and trauma. Maybe you signed up for it by adopting a child with known issues. Maybe you had a child involved in an accident or get sick.

However you got here, you’re here, and it’s not a vacation.

You have a new job.

You’re a special needs parent.

special needs mom

And it is a job. A hard one.

A good one.

But you can’t just phone it in. Your child needs you.


You’re now the CEO of a small business known as: Your Kid.

And you’re in charge of everything.

Finances, Human Resources, Consultant Management, Marketing, Research, Administration.

It’s on you.

And goodness, isn’t that overwhelming?

It is. You can say it. It’s super duper overwhelming.

And you’re not going to get a handle on it all at once.

Not even close.

But you need to treat this like a job. Even if you have another job. Even if you have other kids. Even if you’re tired.

Even if.

Even if.

So what does that mean?

That means you step up to the plate.

That means you work your hardest to figure out what your kid needs and get it for them.

That means you figure out how to be GOOD at this job.

And how you’re good at this job isn’t going to look the same as how someone else is good at this job.

It won’t.

You are unique.

Your child is unique.

Your situation is unique.

But you have strengths to bring to the table, both for your child’s care and for contributing to the special needs/disability community as a whole.

We need one another.

Our kids need us.

Own it.

Welcome to your new job.

You’re a special needs parent.

special needs mom



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