Plastic Surgeon just came out to talk with us. Everything went well with the hardware removal. They’ll leave the pin sites open to drain rather than stitching them up, but they should heal up nicely now that her body isn’t rejecting the foreign objects. He emphasized how good her airway looks now. Said you can now she straight down to her trachea which is soooooo important once the trach is gone. We’ve seen too many complications happen in CHARGE kiddos because of difficulty intubating. Huge sense of relief here. We should be able to see her soon.

Oh, and we’ve noticed recently that since the jaw distraction, her palate looks even higher than before, but he thinks it’s just that we can see into her mouth more easily. Afterwards, he said that her palate is very narrow and high and down the road we may need to widen it if her airway needs more enlarging. He doesn’t think it should be a problem otherwise, though, which is good to hear. Fortunately, she wasn’t one of the very very very rare cases of choanal atresia AND cleft palate!


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