Perking Up

After a transfer to the PICU (intensive care) on Monday morning, and about 18 hours on 80% oxygen, Evie finally turned a corner and started perking up. We first attempted to take her down to 60% Monday night, but she would have NONE of it so back up to 80%. We worked on weaning her overnight, though, and by Tuesday morning, she was down to 50%. She slept for about 22 hours straight, but when she woke up Tuesday mid morning, she was almost back to her old self. She hammed it up for the nurses and watched shows and played Little girl didn’t even nap! We got her down to 36% oxygen throughout the day, so they decided to move her back to the regular floor. Right now she’s at the lowest setting of 28% (room air is 21%), but isn’t too keen on coming off that last bit. We’re also working on getting more food into her so we can take her off the IV fluids she’s been getting. If she continues to do well, then hopefully we’ll head home tomorrow!

She gave us quite the scare this week, but I’m so grateful and relieved that she is bouncing back so quickly. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the prayers and support during this time!



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