Back in the Hospital

This time for parainfluenza (which usually manifests as croup). Aleyna had a fever for about five hours with a sore throat then was back to herself last Monday. Early Wednesday morning, Evie spiked a fever and then started showing signs of a trach infection. We did a culture to figure out which antibiotic to use, but she went downhill pretty quickly. Friday we went to the ER because she was coughing so much blood out of her trach. They admitted her because she couldn’t keep her oxygen levels up (she was in the upper 80s, they like kids to be in the 90s, her norm is 98-100). She stopped needing supplemental oxygen overnight and we were discharged Saturday afternoon. Everyone assumed that the antibiotic we started would kick in and she’d start improving from the trach infection.

That night at home, I had to start her back up on oxygen and she kept needing it increased throughout the morning. She also wasn’t keep her food down and we were getting worried about dehydration. We called her pediatrician who arranged for us to bypass the ER and go straight up to the pediatric floor. She started off just needing about 28% oxygen (room air is about 21%), but kept needing it increased.

We finally got some answers when a culture came back positive for parainfluenza, which normally manifests as croup. Since the trach bypasses the upper airway that usually swells with croup, she didn’t get the classic barking cough.

She’s now up to 60% oxygen, but is working very hard to stay in the 90s. We’re going to do a saline nebulizer treatment with chest percussions to see if we can work loose all the junk in her lungs. If that doesn’t work, they’ll transfer her to the PICU (intensive care) and give her more respiratory support.

She has NEVER needed oxygen other than post op since she got her trach at five weeks old. It’s hard watching her struggle to breathe again.

Pray we start seeing improvement soon. She’s getting IV fluids to hold off dehydration, but she’s unable to keep any of her food down so I’m sure we’ll see her weight plummet again. Also pray for Ty and me. We’re beyond exhausted and I haven’t slept more than a couple fragmented hours a night since Wednesday or Thursday (I can’t even remember!). I really can’t get sick on top of everything else.



One thought on “Back in the Hospital

  1. Ty and Megan, I am praying for you and Evie. May God give healing to her and
    rest and strength to the two of you. I’m also praying that He will keep you healthy.
    I’d like to share a couple of Bible verses that have helped me over and over again;
    I hope you will benefit from them also.

    Psalm 94:18b & 19 –
    Your mercy, O Lord, will hold me up. In the multitude of my anxieties with me,
    Your comforts delight my soul.

    Betty Van Donselaar

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