Going HOME!

Sorry I didn’t update sooner! When you’ve got a grumpy, recovering 2 year old who wants the iPad, blogging is not really an option!

Evie’s nose looked PERFECT! It was beautifully open and had no scar tissue growth. We are so incredibly relieved. We’re definitely not out of the woods yet, though, and they want to see her back in 6 weeks to check it again. If it has stayed open, then we may be able to move on to tonsil removal and jaw distraction.

We also got some great news from the audiologist after she did the sedated hearing test (an ABR). Evie’s hearing on her right side is good enough that she feels she’s getting language very well! Evie just needs just a bit of amplification and she’ll be good to go. She thinks it’s probably not worth it to try aiding the left ear, though. That ear is bad enough that if we amplify, it’ll be difficult for Evie to understand speech. The audiologist said most adults with that level of difference typically don’t like aiding the bad ear as it makes it difficult to listen with the good ear. She also saw no signs of auditory neuropathy and thinks we can just take that off the table!

Our plan of action then is to continue pursuing a BAHA for Evie because it’s possible her fluid issues in her ears will return, but we can start wearing her regular hearing aids again. She just stressed that we should only leave them in for short periods of time so we don’t close off that ear and make fluid return MORE likely. She thinks Evie will have little need for Cued Speech since her hearing really is that great and suggested we just focus on sign language to give Evie the expressive language she needs while she’s unable to vocalize. With how Evie is already communicating with blowing raspberries, she was very optimistic that once the trach comes out, Evie should be able to talk someday!

We’re heading home this weekend and cannot wait to be back in our own space. Three weeks is just too long to be away!


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