Surgery Tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning Evie will be getting her third set of ear tubes along with a scope of her nose and airway to see where she’s at there. After that, they will keep her under anesthesia and do another BAER hearing test to see if the fluid levels were influencing the test before.

Evie is currently in quite a bit of pain from her ears, so please pray that the rest of today and tonight she can be comfortable.

Please pray for our ENT as he makes decisions once he gets a look at what’s going on. We suspect it is the same as before with scar tissue growing around the tubes/grommets in the back side. He will need to scrape that off and decide if he just needs to replace the same size tubes or go up a size. Going up a size will pretty much guarantee more hearing loss as the ear drum will not heal up as nicely, however, with the constant fluid issues and scar tissue, damage is already being done to the ear drum. Please also pray that the scar tissue in her trachea is not as bad as we suspect and that her nose has not completely closed up as well.

Please pray for Ty and I as we hand off our daughter for her 9th surgery. Logistically speaking, surgeries get easier. We know how things work, where to go, who everyone is, where to get coffee as we wait, but emotionally it only gets harder. With a typical child, you can reason away the fears and what ifs. With a child as complex as Evie, there’s no logic that can comfort us. We can’t say “hardly anyone dies from anesthesia” and feel at ease that our child is safe. She has done well the last few times which is encouraging, but doesn’t get rid of the pit in our stomachs. So please pray for us. Pray for God to comfort our souls when nothing else can. Pray for the time to go quickly that we are apart from her. Pray that she wakes up well with no complications. Pray that the recovery nurses are capable of taking care of her and that the proper equipment is in place immediately so she can recover quickly and effectively.

Sorry for the horrible quality of my iPad camera! I’ll post better pictures soon!

One thought on “Surgery Tomorrow!

  1. Dear Ty and Megan,
    We want to let you know that we continue to pray for Evie as well as your family along with most of Covenant and many others. We pray for you that God will give you the peace no words of man can give. We pray that God will, as we know He will, watch over Evie during her surgery. May God bless you all and keep you near Him.
    Bill & Marilyn Hartman

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