Busy Few Weeks

Evie has a couple of busy weeks coming up. Today she gets her hearing aids (yay!) and also has a swallow study. Please pray the fluid clears up in her ears so we can actually use the hearing aids and also that she passes the swallow study with flying colors so we can start more feeding therapies.

Friday Evie meets with both cardiologist we’ve been seeing and will probably have another echo done. I’m still rather concerned with how low her heartrate dips when she’s sleeping (into the 50s) so hopefully they can explain a bit better why this is happening.

Next week we see her ENT to go over a few things and also her ophthalmologist for a routine look at her eyes.

The following week she has molds taken of her feet so her braces can be made.

So busy busy busy! Hopefully she stays healthy so we can keep all these appointments!


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