Birthday Party

Like I said in the last post, we had a little get together with a couple families to celebrate Miss Evie!

Miss Evie loves sitting in her chair!

And all of you who sent cards last year when she was born and in the hospital? You were a part of our celebrations, too!

Bunting made with last year’s cards (and paint chips)!
God is with you…
Higher Ground
There is nothing more powerful than a faith filled prayer.
Through the storm, you do not walk alone.
Oh, how I love Jesus.
His plans are good. His promises are faithful.
All the girls at the party! Didn’t even attempt to round up the boys for a photo!

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! Can’t wait to see what year two holds!


5 thoughts on “Birthday Party

  1. Love it! Evie is super cute (so is Aleyna!). I love Evie’s outfit. 😉 And I’m way impressed with your creativity – that bunting is awesome.

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