A Typical Childhood Experience

Roseola. Evie’s pediatrician congratulated her on having a very typical childhood experience. Of course…it still wasn’t completely typical. Evie had a fever of about 102 from Friday the 27th until the next Tuesday.  We were starting to be concerned, but then the fever broke. That’s when the rash showed up and I remembered Aleyna having the same experience. Of course, that’s also when her secretion levels went up and the vomiting started (which usually isn’t a part of roseola). We took her into the doctor, but at that point, there wasn’t much to be done except slowly try to get her feedings back up. She lost about half a pound (3 weeks worth of work) which is discouraging, but she’s doing a pretty good job of getting back up to full feeds. We’re still having some vomiting, but hopefully that will subside soon. Evie usually seems to handle sickness fairly well, but the recovery always takes sooooo long and she always always always loses weight. It can be incredibly frustrating.

Snuggling with Daddy when she was feeling so sick.

She’s pretty much back to her usual self now, just still vomiting with some feeds. Please pray that ends soon so we can get back to gaining weight! She would have actually been on the charts had she not lost that half pound! Oh! And great news about her length: she gained 1.5 inches in the last couple months! She’s still not on the charts, but she shot way up on her chart. So excited to see her finally growing.

Some days it’s hard to have her be so tiny. It feels like a punch in the gut when other moms post their baby’s stats and I see that they are bigger than Evie and much much younger. And it’s rough when she’s still wearing 3-6 month size clothes and even most of those she’s too skinny for.  It’s hard in a culture that determines good parenting and cuteness by how chubby the baby is to have a child that is teeny.  And it’s just great when I look like a terrible mom who is giving her 3 or 4 month old french fries to chew on. 🙂

But then there are the moments when she’s snuggling in my arms, sleeping soundly, and the tears of pure gratefulness rush through my heart and collect in my eyes and I can say I positively love that we get to have the baby days so much longer than those with typical kids. I wish I could share a bit of that feeling with every person that thinks kids with health issues/special needs are a burden. Just a tiny sliver of that joy and love would soften even the coldest heart towards our precious children.


2 thoughts on “A Typical Childhood Experience

  1. I have thought those very thoughts and felt I was so selfish in thinking them…glad someone else enjoys the “extended baby/toddler” timespan. Noah who is 8 still wears toddler size 4 clothes and infant size 8 shoes.Selfishly sometimes I relish the fact that I can still carry him if he falls asleep,hold him in my lap and shop in the toddler dept…its just a mommy moment or two…but sometimes I feel blessed with his size. The reality of endocronology statistics and bone age and growth hormone levels will wait…while I relish my moment!

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