It’s Been a While

Two and a half years.


Sorry about that.

Sort of.

Not really.

I mean, sorry I disappeared on everyone for so long, but I needed it.

Four years ago, we were still in the midst of trying to figure out Evie’s bowel issues.

Three years ago, we were prepping for her Wish Trip as she continued to improve after we removed the discovered bowel defect earlier in the year.

Two years ago, we were crashing hard, no longer able to coast off the relief of Evie doing well, our PTSD demanding to be dealt with, and our bodies struggling to recover from such prolonged stress.

One year ago, we felt like we were finally starting to come out of the fog, only to have a hospitalization that sent us mentally and emotionally back again.

And writing here was just too hard.

Because I didn’t want to process everything we’d gone through. It was hard enough to do that in counseling, let alone baring it to the world.

But we’re making progress. It’s slow and we have a lot of setbacks, but the calm stretches out a bit longer in between.

And Evie is doing so amazingly well that she’s almost unrecognizable from that teeny tiny struggling little toddler.

She’s SEVEN now! She’s HUGE! She’s talking and is starting to read! She’s in gymnastics! It’s honestly just completely unbelievable how far she’s come.


But she’s older now and I’m not sure how much to share anymore.

But I still want to write here.

We’ve learned a lot over the years and we’re still learning more all the time. We don’t have it all figured out, but we can share some of the lessons learned, some of the tricks accumulated, some of the perspectives acquired.

I don’t know how often I’ll write. I don’t have a plan of what I’ll even write about.

Stuff, I guess.

Special needs parenting stuff.

Maybe some regular parenting stuff.

Maybe odd and weird topics that I get slightly obsessive about. Because I do that. Often.

So we’ll see where this goes.

Could be fun.


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