Evie’s Wish Trip: Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios was the one park where we felt we needed to get there as early as possible. Aleyna really wanted to do the Jedi Training they have for kids, but sign up is first come first serve. We headed to the line first thing and got her signed up and then went over for her to ride Star Tours. Evie was still waking up a bit, so she wasn’t keen on doing anything quite yet. From there we went to the Frozen show. Evie was a bit overwhelmed, but she peeked up at everyone. Unfortunately, they had some smoke effects and, being in the front row, we were suddenly surrounded by smoke. We took Evie off the side, but then THAT side had smoke when Elsa appeared, so we went back to the middle. And then everywhere had smoke for the big finale, so I just rushed her out. I have no idea if it was dangerous for her, but that’s not something I want to risk. On the way out, I ran into someone who works in Safety and shared my concerns. He assured me they would pass that on. That’s what I love about Disney. They just want to do everything possible to make it a great experience for everyone.  After that, we walked over to Muppets 3D. Evie was NOT a fan even though she generally likes the Muppets, so I ducked out a bit early from that with her.

Hollywood Studios5Since The Muppets wasn’t exactly a hit, we wanted to do something that we knew Evie would love. Buzz and Woody for the win! Oh man, this girl has the best expressions EVER.

Hollywood Studios1Aleyna was supposed to have the Jedi training next, but because of the rain, it was canceled. She did get a personal meet and greet with Darth Vader, though, which was exciting for her!  I’m so proud we’ve passed on our love of Star Wars to her.

Hollywood Studios6Evie and I walked over to the Disney Junior show and waited for Ty and Aleyna to catch up with us again. One of the Cast Members spotted us and pulled us over to meet Doc McStuffins before the show, though! How neat! Both girls LOVE watching her show, especially since it’s doctor stuff that they’re so familiar with. We went into the show next and Evie LOVED this one. This one of the few that I had her watch on YouTube before going and with how well it went, I wish I had shown her EVERY show to prepare her. Afterwards we ran over to meet Sofia the First who is a favorite of both girls, too.

Hollywood Studios7We ran through the rain to Voyage of the Little Mermaid next which I have NO pictures of, but both girls enjoyed it. Since the Star Wars Launch Bay was right there, we popped in there to see if we could meet some characters. The line was a bit longer than we could handle with it being already WAY past lunch time, but the wonderful Cast Members again grabbed us and took us right to the front of the line. We got to meet both Chewbacca and Darth Vader. 1) I love tall people/wookies/sith lords and 2) I am such a nerd.  Darth Vader was so fun with his stern warnings that if we join the Empire and betray them, we would regret it.  Ty worked VERY hard to keep a straight face!

Hollywood Studios3Fun side story: Later in the week, we met a really neat volunteer at Give Kids the World and chatted with her for a while. We gave her a thank you card before we left and said goodbye. Later, we ran into her again and she said that her best friend has one of our cards, too! Her friend works with Darth Vader at Hollywood Studios! She showed us her Instagram post about it where she commented how much she loves her job and how much that simple thank you card meant to her. THAT is precisely WHY we did them. I was just so touched.

We went into the ABC Commissary to grab some food from there and then thought we’d let Aleyna hit some of the thrill rides. Ty and Aleyna went on Rock’n’Roller Coaster first and then she and I went. This was when I realized I can never trust Aleyna on anything. Ha! I asked her if the ride went upside down since I had my phone in my pocket. She said she wasn’t sure and couldn’t remember, but she didn’t think it did. LIAR! I spent the entire ride digging my elbow into my hip trying to keep my phone in my pocket as we went upside down repeatedly! When we got off, I asked her why she didn’t tell me! “Well, I wanted you to be surprised!!!!” Gaaaahhhhh!!!!

The rain really picked up at this point, so we ducked under an awning and chatted with one of the photographers who grabbed some pictures of the girls. It seemed like it was probably time to head out, but Aleyna REALLY wanted to ride Tower of Terror first, so I sent her and Ty off to do that. Amazing that she hated Haunted Mansion, but LOVED Tower of Terror! Fortunately, the rain let up a bit again and Evie wanted to jump in the puddles some more. She quickly discovered that the manholes held the most water and was quickly soaked, but loving it. I may have begged Aleyna to ride Rock’n’Roller Coaster again at that point, but this time WITHOUT my phone! So much more fun that time! The rain started up again, though, and we ended up running out to the van in a complete downpour. We were all soaked!

Hollywood Studios4Back at Give Kids the World, we grabbed dinner fairly early in the evening. Since there weren’t many other families there yet, we rounded up as many of the volunteers as we could and took some group photos with them. Such amazing people who give of their time so freely. The Christmas party was that night, too, so the girls FINALLY got to meet Santa! Since Christmas falls in the middle of sickness season, we’ve never risked a trip to meet Santa. It was amazing to get to do that at Give Kids the World. Both girls each got to choose a present as well, though Evie trying to manipulate her way into getting two gifts. Stinker. We got everyone showered and ready for bed and let Evie watch a show to calm down. Within a few minutes she was out cold. Sweet girl. She had such a great time meeting characters, seeing shows, and jumping in puddles.

GKTW Photos9Again, such a good day. We all just had so much fun both at Hollywood Studios and Give Kids the World!


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