Evie’s Wish Trip: Magic Kingdom

We were able to start our first park day by doing some meet and greets at Give Kids the World Village first. Not only did this give the girls a more personal experience, but it cut down on germs and the number of characters we needed to track down that day. We also made sure to grab a good breakfast so we could hopefully make it a while before having to track down food at Magic Kingdom.

This was my most stressful day. Ty had been to Disney World, but I never had. Having so many unknown factors made me edgy as can be, but there is definitely something special about seeing Cinderella’s Castle for the first time. I couldn’t help but get all teary eyed, being so incredibly grateful that I got to be here with both of my girls.

After walking back to Fantasyland, we decided to start off with the Winnie the Pooh ride. Evie loves Pooh Bear and we’d shown her videos on Youtube to prep her for what some of the rides would be.

Winnie the Pooh Ride Line

It wasn’t a hit. She didn’t like the dark or the jerking around. And unfortunately, the ride itself didn’t work all that smoothly either, leaving us in the dark and hearing loud noises for longer. Poor kid. That stuff happens, though. It just does and once we got back out into the sunshine, we headed straight for Princess Fairytale Hall to perk her back up. This WAS a hit and should have been our very first stop. The girls got to meet Rapunzel, Cinderella, Elsa, and Anna.

Princess Fairytale Hall

Aleyna then got a chance to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train twice with both Ty and me. I love her little giggles with the screams. I’m just the same on rides.

Next, we went over to Enchanted Tales with Belle which Evie hated immediately. She kept signing ‘all done’ and we just tried to keep her calm until the end. But then Belle came out and everything changed. Evie immediately jumped out of her stroller and stood at the front to get a better look. And then Belle led the children on a little parade/march around the room, but first she walked past Evie, held out her hand, and let Evie take hold to help her lead the group. I could have burst into tears right then and there. Thank you, Belle. Thank you for including my girl. Evie didn’t want to leave Belle, though, and kept trying to chase her, which fortunately the group around me found amusing.

Enchanted Tales with Belle

Next up was Ariel, who is one of the favorites for both girls. She was wonderful and interacted so well with both girls. Evie is so incredibly expressive and the photographer captured some of my absolute favorite shots of the trip.

Ariel's Grotto

We did Ariel’s ride as well. Evie didn’t dislike it as much and enjoyed waving at Ariel, but she was glad when it was over.

Ty and Aleyna then went on Haunted Mansion, something Aleyna was VERY excited about. We’d shown her videos so she knew what it was, but it’s just different in person and she was terrified. Poor kid. I remember going on it at Disneyland when I was about her age and was very scared myself.  We helped her recover with Dole Whips and then popped into the Tiki Room.

Tiki Room

Evie hated that as well. Dark and loud again. From there, Evie went downhill in sensory overload, so we popped over to the Wish Lounge for Wish Families and let her rest for a while. This was such a nice quiet spot and I’m grateful that Disney thought to provide such a space. Evie’s not used to this kind of thing! Her life just hasn’t involved crowds or rides.

MK Wish Lounge

Once she was calm and happy again, we went back out to catch the Festival of Fantasy Parade. Evie loved watching it and waving to all the characters.

Festival of Fantasy Parade

After the parade we walked over to Tomorrowland and had the girls drive the little cars. You know the ones. The ones that let the kids drive like total maniacs and have virtually no steering of any kind. I was laughing so hard riding with Aleyna, I could barely breathe. Ty had about the same experience with Evie’s driving. We also did Space Mountain with Aleyna and I think that was her favorite ride of the trip. Mine, too. They had a dance party with The Incredibles, but Evie refused to join in. She also refused to leave and kept asking to go back. So I guess she liked watching, just not actually dancing herself.


We then popped over to see Merida and I’ll be honest, I think she was my favorite of the day. She told the girls a great story about how she’d sent her brothers out to get cake and they never came back! She showed the girls her bow and then they got to try shooting some arrows! Just so so fun.


We tried the Peter Pan ride next, but Evie was just DONE for the day. Absolutely done. The only other ride that Aleyna desperately wanted to go on was Splash Mountain, so we hiked over there. I love this picture of Ty and Aleyna!

Splash Mountain

We briefly contemplated trying to stay for the Electric Parade and fireworks, but since it was our first day of parks, we just knew it would be bad to wear Evie out anymore.

We walked back up (down?) Main Street as everyone else lined up for the parade. So, of course, Evie waved to every single person, being her own little parade. Precious.

Her Own Parade

We stopped over to meet Tinker Bell quickly, though. She talked close to a million miles a minute and Ty and I just stood there in awe. She was a perfect Tinker Bell.

Tinker Bell

We then caught the ferry back over to parking and headed back to Give Kids the World Village, completely exhausted.

So that was our day at Magic Kingdom. The characters, which were our main priority, were a HUGE hit. Evie loved every single one of them. All of the cast members we interacted with were simply phenomenal. I’m just so touched by how they treat Wish Families. It was a great day and a great start to our days at the parks.

Cinderella's Castle


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