The Beginning

Sorry, we’ve been absent for quite a long time. We’ve had a fairly uneventful few months. We did have to cancel a surgery due to pneumonia, but she came through it fine and we’ll try to reschedule the surgery for the spring sometime. It wasn’t anything immediately necessary. Christmas was nice and quiet. Well, not quiet. Because Evie is trying to TALK. With actual sounds and attempts at words with her mouth and vocal cords! Here’s just a couple of videos. Obviously, she has a long way to go, but she’s working hard to figure out the different sounds and mouth shapes. It’s pretty exciting around here!

Pretty good for a kid who has basically only been able to vocalize for a few months, right? (Yes, she made her first sounds a while back, but she still had to really PUNCH it to get sound out. It’d be like screaming every time you wanted to say something.  The inflammation in her airway has gone down enough now that she doesn’t have to work as hard, so she’s utilizing her speaking valve more and more and able to play around with sounds.)



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