Upcoming Surgery

I apologize for not updating more, but we’ve mostly just been monitoring Evie. Last week however her hemoglobin dropped to 9.0 (from 10.0 a few days before) so we were squeezed in to see hematology locally to decide what to do. Since we want her hemoglobin levels nice and high before surgery, it was decided to do a blood transfusion to top her off. We were able to just do it at the infusion center instead of being admitted which was wonderful. Her hemoglobin is great at 12.7 now, so it did the job.

Next step is another exploratory surgery in Cincinnati this coming Thursday, the 7th. The day before her birthday. Boo. It is what it is, though.

Please just pray for safe travels and that we finally locate the bleed and fix it once and for all! And pray that Evie recovers well and her bowels don’t take so long to wake up. We’ve packed as much weight on her as we can, but it will still be hard on her not being able to get food OR IV lipids until her bowel wakes up.



2 thoughts on “Upcoming Surgery

  1. Praying for Evie and her family for safe travel and that they find the bleed leak and a fast recovery, will be thinking of you and Happy Birthday early Evie

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