Just Monitoring and Waiting

Evie’s bleed seemed to stop on Saturday evening as her stools returned to normal, but they started having black in them again Tuesday night. Oddly, her hemoglobin has been trending up which makes absolutely zero sense. We looked at her iron levels more in depth yesterday along with checking her hemoglobin and her levels did not look good. Her pediatrician recommends that we have Evie see a hematologist. *sigh*

Evie is acting great, though, and we’re working on the packing on the pounds before we head to Cincinnati again. Feedings are going well, energy level is great, doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort, so we’ll just keep monitoring her.


One thought on “Just Monitoring and Waiting

  1. Sorry for all of Evie’s trouble, but we know that God looking out for her, bless her little heart for staying strong,just makes you want to reach out and give her a hug. Will pray for her and her family.

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