Going Home

Evie’s hemoglobin isn’t really dropping, so we’re being discharged. We had scheduled scopes in Cincinnati back with GI Bleed #2 for April and they forgot to cancel those appointments, so we’re just going to keep those and head out there in a couple weeks. They’re going to do some more invasive scopes to see if they figure out where the bleed is. We’re all pretty frustrated. Not with Evie. Not with her medical team. Just with how difficult this has all been. We really had hoped that the problem was fixed and it’s just so discouraging to see that it’s not.


One thought on “Going Home

  1. I can certainly understand your frustration, but at least Evie’s stable. The medical team[s] must be frustrated, too, although they don’t love Evie the way you do. It seems, though, that she steals everybody’s heart eventually. And I only know her from your posts, blog, grandparents, and her pictures. The pictures expose her winning personality, and my hope is that one day I’ll get to meet her.

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