Sorry for the lack of updates, but the last few days have just been spent discussing what the next step is. It looks like they’ll be doing a laparoscopic exploratory surgery on Monday morning. They’ll make a few small incisions in her abdomen and put a camera scope in.

Prayer requests:

  • That we would FIND the problem and that it is easily fixable.
  • That the bleeding would not start up again before the procedure, unless that would make it easier to locate the damage.
  • Evie’s heart has been beating significantly slower than usual. We’ve done a few tests which have come back as normal (well…her normal), but it’s still something we’re watching very closely.
  • We figured out that Evie’s hives were caused by the TPN (intravenous nutrition), so now we need to figure out what component is the problem. She really should be on TPN prior to the surgery so she isn’t without nutrition for so long, but no one wants to risk an allergic reaction right before a surgery. Not sure what to pray for on this one. Maybe that if she needs TPN after the surgery, that we can confidently give it to her because we’ve figured out the problem component.
  • Evie’s pulmonologist is going to take a look at her lungs during Monday’s surgery. We’ve been unable to do her usual Vest treatments the last month because no one wants to shake her when she’s got a GI bleed. We’re hoping that her lungs are still in fairly good shape with the CPAP at night.

Thanks everyone. Hopefully we get things figured out this time.



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