So sometimes on this journey, because we are neck deep in the medical world, it is hard for us to gauge how serious an issue is. Things that may be severe for a typical child may just be par for the course for a child like Evie. We deal with trach infections like you’d deal with an ear infection in a typical child. We deal with low oxygen levels like you’d deal with a kid with a stuffy nose. This is our NORMAL. But, for good or bad, it sometimes removes us so far from actual normal, that we lose our bearings for how severe the current issue is.

So I asked the GI we’ve been working with. Was this just a bump in the road that we deal with and move on or was this a very severe issue? He said it was definitely serious. She’d lost about 40% of her blood.

[Insert expletive here]

Because that’s what I said.  I mean, I knew things were bad. I did. But like I said, we just deal with it. We cope, we plan, we test. The routine of a crisis is something we have down. But 40%???? Ugh. Double ugh.

So we’re going to be monitoring her pretty closely. Her hemoglobin was down this morning, but they think that’s just due to the fluids we’ve been pumping into her. We’ve stopped the fluids now, so tomorrow’s check will give us a clearer picture.

We had a PICC line placed yesterday so we’ll keep that for a few weeks and check her hemoglobin a few times a week. We’ll see the GI in the clinic and watch for any signs that the bleeding has started up again.

Of course, Miss Evie is pretty happy and active still. Watching Winnie the Pooh and laughing at his antics. Love this girl.

Winnie the Pooh is hilarious!
Winnie the Pooh is hilarious!

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