Blood Transfusion

Evie’s hemoglobin dropped even further overnight (down to 6.9!) so she’s finally getting that transfusion. She slept well and woke up happy and active. Crazy how tough this chick is. Scary, too.

Getting some blood
Getting some blood

The GI doctor thinks this is a fairly slow bleed so that gives us a bit more time to plan our attack instead of just rushing her into surgery. We’ll do some tests today and try to clean her bowels out just a bit so that we can get a clearer picture in scopes tomorrow.

Hopefully we’re able to locate the damaged area and FINALLY get this completely resolved. Please pray that she continues to remain stable as we being the search!


One thought on “Blood Transfusion

  1. Since I’m in a time zone right now that’s 4 hours earlier than yours, I’ve been ” in touch” all night and went to sleep and woke up praying for Evie and the doctors, especially, but for all of you. Blood is truly a gift of life, isn’t it? Praying the Great Physician guides the docs to the problem area immediately. In fact, praying they’ve already found it.

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