That’s what we’re doing right now. Waiting and waiting. Hopefully we’ll have a care conference tomorrow or Tuesday to come up with a plan.

Our concern is figuring out how such a generally weak and unharmful bacteria get into her bloodstream in large enough quantities to make Evie septic. Most people who get lactobacillus infections are severely immunocompromised and have a central line that gets contaminated. Evie’s mild immunodeficiency is only in the virus fighting part of her immune system and she did not have a central line at the time.

The only logical conclusion is that the bacteria came from her gut. Somewhere in her small intestine there must be damage. The trouble is finding it. You have multiple feet of small intestine and we may be looking for just a small area of damage or thinning. And there’s no way for us to know right now if this is something that will heal on its own or not.

Hopefully lots of questions will be answered over the next week and it will be abundantly clear what steps need to be taken. Please pray for wisdom and ingenuity from the doctors as they deal with our very unique little girl.

Sister is here now!
Evie helping the nurse look at her PICC.
Evie loves Daddy's helicopter!

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