That’s the bacteria in her blood. And yes, that’s what you find in your yogurt. It’s a bacteria usually found in the gut and rarely causes problems. It’s definitely weird, so they called Infectious Disease. Once they looked at her history of recurrent intussusceptions, they felt it made perfect sense that some bacteria had escaped her bowel at a weak or damaged spot and gotten into her blood. The question then is where is the damage and will it heal on its own.

The plan for now is to do a full 10 day course of IV antibiotics. So 7 more days. We’ve decided to place a PICC line which has less chance of going bad than a regular IV. She’ll be an add on to the schedule tomorrow and have to be under anesthesia to have it placed. We’ll just continue monitoring her and see what she does this next week.

Thank you for all the prayers. Evie is in good spirits and we’re grateful for the excellent care she’s receiving.


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