Still Here

Evie’s been doing much better, but we’re debating if we should push for exploratory surgery to figure out why the intussusceptions are continuing to happen. It’s so hard to know what to do.

Ty and I are trying to get all our required vent education done, but with the intussusception scare and us both coming down with pretty nasty colds, it’s taking longer than we had hoped.

Evie’s own vent unit should arrive tomorrow and hopefully our supply agency waives their usual requirement of a five day hospital stay on THAT vent.

Evie’s also had some odd high heart rates, so we did an EKG, but of course, her heart rate was totally normal when we did it. I think she’s determined to remain a mystery.

Thank you again for the prayers and we’ll try to update as we can.


Watching a movie this morning.


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