The Plan

So yesterday we finally got a bed around 4pm. We were able to place her on the vent with CPAP settings (a trached child cannot really safely be put on just a regular CPAP machine so we need a home ventilator). She actually handled it really well last night and we’re all really pleased.


Well, now Ty and I have to do our training on the vent and wait for a vent to be sent from our home supply company to the hospital here. We’re hoping it will get here on Tuesday and we should be done with our training at that point as well. Then we’ll need to do a certain amount of time on THAT vent before going home. Our supply agency usually requires FIVE days, but we’re working to get that shortened since her use of the vent is not life sustaining. 

Overall, the hope is that the constant positive pressure at night in her lungs provided by the vent will prevent her from aspirating as easily. Combined with the antibiotics and steroids, we hope that this will allow her airway and lungs to heal up over the next several months. 


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