Changing Focus

Well, Evie had her scopes this morning and unfortunately we didn’t hear what we wanted. The pulmonologist is very concerned about Evie’s aspirating and the damage that it could be doing to her lungs. Since the main suspicion at this point is that she is aspirating her own secretions, we’re going to attempt to o decrease those. The first step is to do botox injections into some of her salivary glands to reduce how much saliva she produces. We’ll check back in about 3 months to see how that works. If we see enough success then we will move towards something more permanent. Please pray we can get that scheduled for this afternoon or tomorrow.

At this point, the reconstruction is off the table. We just can’t risk having the graft destroyed by the aspirating.

A big prayer request is for us as we now have to stop all oral tastings. Evie has only recently started showing tons of interest in eating and we’re trying to figure out how to restrict that, but also not lose all the the ground she’s gained.





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