We’ve been letting some of Evie’s non airway issues slide over the past year as we pushed forward at Cincinnati Children’s so now I’ve been trying to cram in some of those appointments before our next trip.  Unfortunately (though not surprisingly) we discovered that Evie needs glasses. She is nearsighted and also has astigmatism.  I feel badly that we didn’t catch this sooner, but there’s always something that has to slide and since her vision seemed so good at her last appointment, it didn’t seem worth the risk of germs to go in.  We’ve been noticing her putting things closer to her face, though, and pushed to get an appointment. I’m so glad we did! We struggled some with finding frames that fit her tiny face, but were finally successful. I got them ordered today (after they ordered in a few sizes of the frames we were looking at) and hopefully we’ll get them next week.

Such a ham. This is the only way I could get a picture of her!
Such a ham. This is the only way I could get a picture of her!

She seems to really like these frames. The other ones we tried on, she just cried and cried and tried to pull them off, but these, she left on (as long as Mommy wasn’t trying to get a picture!!!). I really hope they make a big difference for her.

Loves to look at herself. Just like her sister.
Loves to look at herself. Just like her sister.

I’ll be honest. I was pretty sad when we found out. Not because glasses are a big deal, but because I feel like all we’ve done over the last year is change the way she looks and that makes me sad. The jaw distraction definitely changed her appearance. I love her new face, but it’s hard not to wonder what she would look like now had we not done it. The glasses change her appearance even more and…well…I’m a MOM! What happened to my little baby???? Now that we’ve found a pair that fit her and are so ridiculously cute, I’m just excited for her to be able to see better.


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