Makes My Heart Burst


Took my girls shopping after an appointment yesterday. It’s the first time Evie has ever walked around in stores. She LOVED it. And my heart was about ready to burst from happiness. There were many times in the beginning that I never thought we’d get this moment. Just a normal everyday kind of moment.

Evie is a TROUBLEMAKER, though. She just takes her sister by the hand and goes wherever she wants.  She laughs hysterically and she runs the opposite direction of where we want her to go. And we’re terrible. No discipline from us. Just laughter and joy at dealing with such a silly girl. We’re going to have our hands full with her as she speeds up!


2 thoughts on “Makes My Heart Burst

  1. Wow, what a happy update! Both girls look like they’re having a blast. So happy for you! God bless and Happy Easter.

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