I spoke with our nurse practitioner at Cincinnati Children’s yesterday and was able to clarify a few things.

Evie WILL be having a tracheal reconstruction.  The question that remains is how large of a graft she will need. Will it just be a small one to deal with the collapse above the trach site? Or will it need to widen the entire upper half of her trachea?

They are still planning on this being a two stage reconstruction which means they will NOT decannulate (remove the trach) with the surgery. We are very truly happy about that part of it. We were terrified to have her decannulated with a major surgery when she had in no way proven that she could handle sickness without a trach.

I should hear early next week about the dates for her next scope with the full Aerodigestive team (ENT, GI, and pulmonary). After that scope, they will schedule her reconstruction which will probably be sooner rather than later.

So that’s the plan. Thank you for all the prayers. It’s been a long long long week. I’m at least glad that we get to be home a bit longer this time.


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