The Evie Factor

Well, Evie is done and staying the night. We didn’t really get the news we were hoping for.
Evie’s trachea closed back down some, from 4mm back down to 3.5mm so they had to dilate again. And then there’s the Evie Factor. In all other scopes, she had a bit of collapse right above her trach site. This is pretty common and usually just downsizing the trach, putting less pressure on the trachea, allows that to open up. That was the main reason we downsized Evie’s trach with the first dilation. Unfortunately Evie’s didn’t get better. It didn’t even stay the same. It got worse. So what does that mean? Well, she doesn’t need a full tracheal reconstruction, but she will need a cartilage graft above the trach site. Usually this is done in a single stage, removing the trach, making an incision and inserting cartilage from her rib to widen the trachea, then stitching up the stoma. Evie is NOT a usual case, though, and the doctors and Ty and I are all in agreement that we’re not ready for the trach to come out. So they will do the graft, but leave in her trach.
We’ll come back in a month for full scopes with ENT, GI, and pulmonary, get our ducks in a row, and then schedule the surgery.
Evie’s doing well now. They put a bigger trach in to give her a bigger airway before surgery, so they wanted to keep her overnight to monitor. She should be discharged in the morning.
Thank you for the prayers. We are grateful that at this point, it appears we may be able to avoid a full reconstruction, but we’re still very sad that she will need another surgery.


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