ER Run

I had all these plans to write a post this morning about how well Evie was doing since her last surgery, but she must have known and felt the need to throw a curveball. Last night when we put her to bed she suddenly needed a full liter of o2 and needed a lot of suctioning. We had to bump her to 1.5 liters and I was up most of the night suctioning her. She didn’t have a fever and lungs sounded good this morning, but upper airway sounded constricted and she was up to 2 liters. Per her pediatrician’s advice, we took her to our local ER and our children’s hospital an hour away sent a transport team to drive her via ambulance. She spiked a fever of 102.3 on the drive and now she’s sleeping as we hang out in their ER waiting for test results and an admit. My big concern right now is an infection following the tonsillectomy and hardware removal. Please pray this is something simple and we can give her the necessary respiratory support with just oxygen and not the ventilator. They have her on 4 liters right now because she was so agitated with everyone messing with her, but I don’t think she needs quite that much currently. I will keep you updated as I am able.


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