Parainfluenza. Again.

Evie’s been admitted for parainfluenza again. Last time it was type 3 and this time it’s type 1. Awesome.

The big concern is that we don’t know which side of the worst we’re on. I think everyone expects she’ll get worse before she finally gets better.

She seemed really dehydrated this morning, too which was concerning, but we were unable to get an IV for fluids started. Bloodwork showed she wasn’t as dehydrated as we thought, though, so we’ll just keep pushing fluids through her gtube.

She’s pretty worn out from the day, but otherwise doing fine. We’re waiting for her ENT to stop by to take a look at her trach and the blood that she’s been coughing out since the trach culture actually came back negative. We’re not sure we believe that just yet.

Please pray we start seeing improvement instead of decline so we can go home tomorrow.


One thought on “Parainfluenza. Again.

  1. I hope you get well very fast, Evie, and that the doctors and nurses take very good care of you. I am praying for you and your sister and your mommy and daddy. God bless you.

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