Still Home

Evie and I had a pretty good night. We almost took her in last night when she started needing more oxygen, but decided to try switching connectors so the oxygen would bleed into her humidity line closer to her trach and that made a big difference for her. We usually have it bleed in just a couple feet down the line because she HATES the connector and oxygen line up by her face and likes to just yank on it until it comes apart, but last night she must have been too tired to care. She still needed lots of suctioning, but I got a couple hours of sleep (which I desperately needed since it seems I’m now getting sick, too).

She is coughing more blood out of the trach which is very normal for her with trach infections, but we’re hoping the antibiotic kicks in quickly so that stops.

She’s only requiring a bit of oxygen this morning so hopefully we can keep her home through the rest of this. She’s still pretty miserable, so please be praying that she gets a bit more comfortable and heals quickly.

Thank you for all the prayers. I’m sooooo happy we didn’t have to go to the ER last night after such a long day!


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