Add a Trach Infection

I’m getting to a point now where I feel like the second Evie gets sick, I should start her on some antibiotics because she ALWAYS comes down with a trach infection to add to the whole mess. Last night I started to smell the infection (yes, you can smell it. It’s kind of odd) and then her coughing shifted to the very distinct sound she makes with an infection. In the middle of the night she started coughing blood out of the trach, so we knew it definitely was an infection.  We sent a trach culture in, but we have some Levofloxacin (that doesn’t expire for about a year) leftover from her last couple trach infections, so we went ahead and started that this morning. Hopefully we can keep it from getting too severe.

She’s needing 1/2-1 liter of oxygen round the clock now to keep her sats up and we’ll just continue to monitor. At this point, we’re getting things ready for a possible hospital stay since the last sickness in June she ended up on 80% oxygen. I’m trying to rest while our nurse is here so that I’m less likely to get sick as well.

Aleyna is FINALLY getting better, but of course that means she thinks to she needs to run around like crazy. Good grief, child.

Please continue to pray that Evie doesn’t need any hospital time. I would love for her to be able to stay home and not be exposed to even worse germs in the hospital. There is just too much nasty stuff going around already.


One thought on “Add a Trach Infection

  1. Megan, I continue to pray for God to protect you and sustain you as you seek to care for this smiling little girl. the Lord be with you, Yon

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