Evie’s plastic surgeon decided we’d better cancel her surgery. Boo. He’s right, of course. She needed a bit of O2 last night and we have no idea how this weekend will go. Aleyna is still pretty sick and coughing horribly, so that’s not encouraging in regards to Evie. And even if both girls magically got completely better by Monday, Ty and I will be so exhausted.  Then we’re at risk of catching nastiness at the hospital. Ick.

We’re going to wait to see how the weekend goes before rescheduling. If Evie handles it fine then we’ll try to do it asap, but if she ends up in the hospital like she did in June, then we’ll probably need to push it out a ways to give her a chance to get back to baseline.

Of course, the goober perked up almost immediately after I got off the phone with the nurse who let me know it was canceled. Her fever finally broke last night. Ty was holding her and he said all of a sudden he just felt her whole body cool off.  So we just wait and see.

Thank you for all the prayers. Hopefully we can reschedule quickly so Evie can get those pins out! They’re driving us crazy getting caught on everything! We’ll keep you updated on how she’s doing!


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