She’s done! At least with turning the screws. It turned out that the screws weren’t the style that detach, so the surgeon used wired cutters to cut them down. They’re pretty sharp, so Ty will need to file or snip them a bit, but it’s much nicer than having the screws getting in the way of everything.

(The unevenness in her face is because the distractors under the skin stick out way more on the one side)

So now we wait. The new bone will harden over the next 6-8 weeks and then we’ll head back to Cincinnati to have the distractors attached to the bone removed. We’re also going to have her tonsils taken out at the same time.

Once we’re home, I’ll work to get a good profile shot of Evie so you can see how far out her chin is now. It’s much more obvious when she closes her mouth, which she still doesn’t like to do. Hopefully as the pain subsides, she’ll start using her mouth more.


One thought on “DONE!!!

  1. Will continue praying that Evie feels less pain as time goes on and that you’ll be able to see the results of the surgery in practice, not theory. Will also pray that you are all able to get some rest.

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