A Bit of Progress

I tried to take a profile picture of Evie, but she’s not too thrilled with me trying to position her head so this was the best I got.


Hopefully you can see that we’ve made a bit of progress.

Not long after my last post, Evie threw a temper tantrum because Daddy wouldn’t give her his computer mouse, and when she pushed her face into his shoulder she bent the OTHER pin. So now both of them are harder to turn and painful. Lovely.

We decided to head back to my parents’ for the weekend so we could spend some time with our older daughter and the girls were very excited to see each other.

Her gtube is still working. Here’s a picture of how we’re keeping it closed. We took an old feeding line and cut, clamped, and taped it so her stomach contents don’t leak out.


We’re keeping up on her pain meds, but nights are still pretty rough when they start wearing off.

Thank you again for all the prayers and support!


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