Still Here

Evie is slowly, oh so slowly, getting back to herself. She’s still pretty miserable and we’re trying to keep her pain under control without IV morphine, but the last pain med (besides Tylenol) we tried made her throw up. Hopefully we can find a good fit for her today.


Once we get her up closer to full feeds and her pain under control, she’ll be discharged.

We started turning the screws yesterday, which is pretty simple, though she’s not really a fan of them being touched yet. They taught us how to do it ourselves, so we won’t have to bring her in everyday like they had originally told us. Next week, we’ll see her surgeon, do X-rays and determine how much further out her jaw needs to come. Once we’re at the right place, those outer screws can be taken out and those holes will close over. We’ll then head home and let the new bone harden.


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